Sexual Medicine an Outline

The basic idea of human sexuality is to express feelings of love and care to another human beings. If one has a problems doing this, one should seek help. There is nothing to feel shy about this. No other living creature is shy of its own sexuality.

So, why must we human beings?

Sexual Medicine is a discipline of Medicine which deals with sexual problems-physical as well as psychological. Sexual Medicine is perhaps the most recent of advances in modern Medicine. It is now established that sexual health is an integral part of general health and that sexual health should not be neglected if one wants to be completely healthy.

Medical research has concluded that sexual (erectile) dysfunction is an early indicator of serious health problems such as heart attacks, strokes and kidney diseases among others.

Identification of sexual problems now forms a vital part of preventive health care. Moreover, a satisfactory sex life prevents depression and prostate gland enlargement, relieves joint pains, raises immunity and helps one to live longer.

A satisfactory sex life will strengthen the marital relationship 

The discipline of sexual medicine has four dimensions

  • Preventive
  • Promotional
  • Rehabilitative
  • Curative

Hence, one need not think that he/she to seek help only after he/she has developed a sexual problem.

Premarital sex counseling is a preventive measure. Here, not only is sex education offered to the bridal couple or to individuals just before their marriage, but also advice is offered on family planning, interpersonal relationship and marital philosophy (sexual and non-sexual interaction).

Even if a couple do not have a major sexual problem but are nonetheless dissatisfied with their sexual / marital life, ways and means of enhancing / enriching their sexual/marital life can be suggested. These help the couple lead a positive and healthy life. This is the promotional dimension.

Rehabilitative steps in Sexual Medicine help those suffering from non-sexual health problems and need medical attention. Rehabilitation takes care of the sexual needs of the handicapped and the physically disabled.

The Curative aspect, as already mentioned, helps people resolve their sexual problem through medical/surgical management or sex therapy or a combination of both.

Some of the Sexual problems which one may experience are:

In Men

  • Lack of or reduced sexual drive / interest.
  • Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction – problem is getting or maintaining a penile erection.
  • Problems of ejaculation-too quick (premature) ejaculation and inability to ejaculate during intercourse (retarded ejaculation).
  • Diminished or complete lack of pleasure during intercourse.
  • Pain during or after intercourse or both.

In Women

  • Lack of or reduced sexual interest.
  • Inability to get aroused (dry vagina).
  • Orgasmic Dysfunction – inability to reach orgasm (climax) during intercourse.
  • Vaginismus – Subconscious tightening of the vaginal muscles-preventing penile penetration.
  • Pain during or after intercourse or both.

In Men and Women

  • Sexual orientation dilemmas such as homosexuality, lesbianism and bisexuality.
  • Gender identity problems like transexualism, inter sex and so on.
  • Body image concerns – Under developed breasts and genitals and secondary sex characters.
  • Incorrect sex techniques leading to infertility.
  • Paraphilias – “AB” normal sexual behaviours.

It is well known that a healthy sex life does not depend merely on physical factors. The psyche or mind plays an equally important role. Besides, sexual behavior is not wholly instinctual. In fact, it is largely a learning process. Hence, it is very important to understand that besides body organs, several factors, including sociocultural, are involved during the sexual act.