Treatment Protocol

Modern Medicine employs protocols like recording medical history of a client, physical examination and laboratory investigations to diagnose medical problems. Dega Institute subscribes to the same scientific approach in addressing medical problems and recommends our clients to co-operate with us in every respect and voluntarily follow these protocols.When a client visits Dega Institute for the first time, his or her name will be duly registered and a case record with a code number (for confidentiality) will be assigned by the Institute.

Doctors/Therapists will record the following data in detail:

  • Age, educational background, spouse’s age, occupation and marital status
  • Medical history if any – past / family / personal
  • Drug allergies if any and concurrent medications
  • A detailed history of the current sexual problem
  • In case of married persons, the history of the sexual problem will be obtained from the spouse also
  • When a couple visits the Institute, the partners will be interviewed separately, one after the other
  • Once the history of the sexual problem is recorded from both the partners separately, they will be interviewed together by the doctor/therapist for further discussion or clarification
  • Following the discussion a thorough physical examination will be conducted
  • In the case of women clients, the physical examination will be done by the doctor in the presence of the husband or any other lady attendant. If the woman client so desires then she will be referred to a woman gynaecologist for physical examination and opinion
  • If required then certain laboratory investigations may be done
  • A client is advised to be forthcoming and precise in the answers regarding the sexual problem, in order to save time spent in consultation and to limit the number of laboratory investigations
  • Further to the physical examination and laboratory tests, a client will be briefed on the nature of his/her problems and a treatment strategy will be offered
  • The client may be asked to return for a review, if necessary, on a periodical basis
  • VERY IMPORTANT: The services of Dega Institute is meant solely for the purpose of Medical/Health consultation and treatment. It is strictly not meant for Legal purposes. Therefore, requests for certificates of fitness and references for other legal matters will not be entertained.
  • Under no circumstance the confidential reports, details of treatment or any other personal information will be revealed to relatives (parents etc.) or friends unless and until they are personally accompanied by the couple themselves and only after obtaining the full consent of the couple.
  • It is to be understood that doctors can only undertake management of problems in good faith and to the best of their abilities. They cannot offer any guarantee whatsoever in resolving the Medical/Relationship problems at any time and under any condition.